Vision, Mission, & Values

Our Vision

To distill Divine Love into a practice that awakens consciousness and ignites healing by bridging the indefinable, magical realms of Spirit into the practical form of the Body to inspire compassion for all of existence.

hands lined up touching a tree

Our Mission

We recognize that justice and equity for all human beings of all racial groups, ethnicities, genders, sexual identities, abilities, and socio-economic classes is required for the healing of Earth and humanity.  We create practices that strive for equity in each body we serve, knowing that every body is affected by the systems and structures of oppression and trauma. We will use our practices to increase consciousness, inspire healing, and create equity and liberation in the human experience, and within groups and society at large.

hands lined up touching a tree

our values are our foundation

We maintain the commitment to keeping our values at the forefront of everything we do, and our beliefs and practices arise from those. We allow for growth and change, but always remain a value-based organization.

What We Value


We Value:

  • Doing our work as individuals and an organization to do what’s required in unpacking our part in racism and oppression. 

  • Curiosity, open mindedness, and humility; knowing that the journey is imperfect, and so are we. We are willing to listen to concerns and complaints and will take all feedback to heart. We will use practices and support for accountability and repairs wherever necessary. 

  • Accountability in our leadership and to use our tools and resources to hold one another accountable in our practices and containers together. 

  • Social Justice consultants and their ability to hold us accountable to our unconscious biases including how we use or share authority. 

  • Healing as a lifelong journey, with textures, waves, peaks, and valleys. We are not chasing finish lines and cures rather creating practices that support the process. 

  • Safety and striving towards creating the safest and most supportive containers possible for clients and participants. 

  • One’s innate ability to heal. We recognize that we don’t heal others, we are facilitators and guides in the natural healing process. 

  • The experience and healing curves of clients and participants. We will prioritize safety and self determination over goals and outcomes for healing.

  • Transparency – to be real, honest, and integrous in our own healing and not to pretend that we know better or have achieved an end result. 

  • A culture of giving back and donate a portion of our time, resources, and financial gain to organizations working for social justice and equity.


We Value:

  • The vulnerability and courage required to heal in the witness of others.

  • Awareness, insight, knowing, and perceptions that create healing.

  • Strategies and tools that build awareness, shift consciousness, and ignite healing.

  • Empathic abilities as super-powers towards healing for self, others, and the world.

  • The voice and communication of the body, and it’s empathic gifts.

  • That every sensation of the Body is a communication from the Soul.

  • Body, Being, Soul, Spirit, Earth, and Divinity as integral components of healing.

  • The practice of clearing energies as a way of diving more deeply into the potency of healing and personal responsibility required in order to create equity for all human beings, Earth, and humanity.

  • Doing the hard work required to examine our unconscious biases, limitations, beliefs, structures, and any and all patterns that limit our ability to access greater potential for healing ourselves, others, and the world.

  • The dismantling of compensatory behavior patterns and habits that support white supremacy, patriarchy, and oppression.

  • Every human life as worthy of love, care, health, resources, kindness, and protection.


Organizations to which we have recently made donations are listed on the Social Justice Resources page, indicated by a starred entry.

We strive to host inclusive, accessible events. If you have a disability or specific access needs in order to fully participate in this activity, please contact Rob at or 310-570-7123. Closed captioning will be available on all Zoom events.