Energy of Being Consciousness 3-Part Audio Class

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In this 3-part audio class Gabrielli LaChiara shares insightful teachings around who we are on all levels of our Being, including how to access our Being Consciousness, and what is a Being Change.  These teachings help to gain more clarity around your purpose and give tools to live with more clarity and light.

Dance in the energy of Being Consciousness with channeled visualizations, clearings, activations and more!! This 3-session teleclass was recorded in December 2019. Based in the Infinity Healing practices, Gabrielli leads teachings with the blessed connection of Kwan Yin.  By listening to these three sessions you will come away with an understanding of: What is our "Being"?  How do we generate consciousness of Being? and the difference between Being Consciousness and Body Consciousness.
Gabrielli discusses the distinctions between body, being, soul, and spirit and how each aspect can help inform us as to why we are here embodied on this planet and our mission and purpose.  Exciting awarenesses are shared around a Being changes.  What is a Being change, why these seem to be occurring more often recently, and how we can facilitate this shift with more ease.  Gabrielli also delves deeply into the Infinity Activations, discussing the meaning and intention of each word and each phrase, bringing greater clarity into these powerful tools.
Each class contains a teaching segment followed by insightful Question and Answer period with the attendees.

1 review for Energy of Being Consciousness 3-Part Audio Class

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