About Infinity Healing Practice

Infinity Healing Practice?

The Infinity Healing Practice is an in depth creation of knowledge and practices, and considers all aspects of Embodiment (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, energetic, and genetic). Infinity Healing Practice aims at the powerful communion of the Body and Soul, and the immense healing that comes from liberated awareness and communication on these levels.

How do we do this, you might ask?

Bodies are storehouses of information. Every experience in one’s life is living in the template of one’s consciousness. When trauma, pain, suffering, or shock enter the system it disrupts natural patterns of energy and inner communication. The  Infinity Healing Practice is designed to restore the body’s natural flow of energy. When this happens, new awarenesses, insights, and perceptions are more available to receive. 

Infinity Healing Practice is a process by which clients are supported in finding this inner wisdom and are encouraged to develop their own internal guidance structures that support an ongoing relationship to their Embodiment. In simple terms, people feel more comfortable, willing, and able to tune in and restore their relationship to their body’s needs. 

what to expect


We can’t have the session without you, and don’t want to! Your participation in the journey is what makes this possible. We don’t “session” you, we session “with you”.

Deep Listening:

Practitioners will work with an active practice of deep listening. They have tools and resources for listening to you and your body, as they glean for the wisdom and knowledge of your body’s communication.

Emergent Curriculum:

Our sessions are based on an emergent curriculum. The session flow is guided by intuition and practices that engage the inner wisdom of the client’s or group’s energy. Practitioners learn the art of following energy as part of their training, and are taught to pause and breathe space into the session flow as a way of staying present to emotions, energies, thoughts, or needs that arise in the moment.


On occasion, information and insights flood in through the practitioners during sessions. These are designed and offered to you as energies and awareness that can inspire your own perspectives and “aha” moments.  Practitioners are not attached to being right, they are skillfully trained to release all agendas so that you can cultivate your own inner wisdom through the journey together.


Healing and awakening isn’t always methodical or perfect. Sessions could get awkward for a moment as we wait, pause, and allow for new energies to arise. This is often a great sign that healing is happening!


The Infinity Healing Practice inspires shifts in consciousness, thinking, and feeling that often surprise us! Practitioners are taught to be so willing to be surprised that one might even call them consciousness detectives. Curiosity is fundamental to our practice, we love to be surprised!


Our practice includes all aspects of Embodiment: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, energetic, and genetic.

How it began

Gabrielli’s teachings are based in profound intuition, neural science, energy medicine, and a rich and complex pursuit to follow the organic nature of healing. Through her years of training with many master teachers, her own discoveries, and facing death at a young age, she created the Infinity Healing Practice. This practice aims to ignite wholeness in its journey to restore one’s natural ability to heal on every level. 

As a single parent of a 5 year old, Gabrielli faced death head-on with a breast cancer diagnosis. She quickly learned that healing is not always what you think or want it to be. This life changing diagnosis taught her to be humble, and to recognize the power of healing that comes from releasing agendas and control patterns that sometimes include living with what isn’t necessarily changeable. Her love of her son and life fueled her desire to ignite healing on any and every level possible, to seek contentment and acceptance of reality, and to find spirit and happiness in the unknown. Her commitment to unpack the intense and powerful interface of Body, Being, Soul, and Spirit became even more profound, and is what spurred a deepening in her practice as a counselor and teacher, and birthed the Infinity Healing Practice.

Infinity healing practice foundational teachings

Created by gabrielli lachiara

Below is a list of some of the key practices, teachings, and protocols that are used within the Infinity Healing Practice. The Infinity Healing Practice also includes protocols for directing energy, tissue repair, cellular repatterning, and exercises that ignite inner wisdom. Gabrielli continues to grow the toolbox and teachings of the Infinity Healing Practice. This emergent modality is likely to have more textures, knowledge, and tools added at any given moment inspired by the experiential nature of the practice.

8 Sacred Healing Arts:

These include the sacred healing arts of Currency, Infusing, Extracting, Weaving, Dissolving, Illuminating, Creating Stillness, and Creating Space. Each energetic practice mimics the body’s natural ability to heal.


These are deliberate statements created to increase consciousness, and are used to clear or move energy and/or awaken and inspire pathways for healing.

Survival Brain Repatterning:

This is a protocol designed to address core survival brain patterns as they relate to the emotional/spiritual aspects of the survival brain, and specifically, the compensatory survival brain habits created through crisis or trauma.

Engaged Knowing:

This is a practice that cultivates innate body intelligence by using the body as a discerning network for guidance.


This a practice that uses questions to create awareness. It is designed to stimulate curiosity, dissolve unconscious thought patterns, and increase consciousness.

Neural Organization Technique

Along with the Infinity Healing Practice toolbox, we weave Neural Organization Technique into our sessions and trainings. We’d like to recognize and give a special thanks to Dr. Mitchell Corwin for his expertise and to Dr. Carl Ferreri for this important body of work.

“Neural Organization Technique focuses on prenatal and neonatal neurological development, i.e. our primitive reflex systems. The theory and basis of N.O.T. is looking at these primitive reflexes as fundamental neurological pathways which can be inappropriately retained and or developmentally incomplete. Encouraging and resetting these retained reflexes to full maturity is a primary objective and the basis for our success with this methodology.

The purpose of Neural Organization Technique is to re-establish optimal neural function by resetting neural pathways and undoing compensatory states. By restoring neural function back to its original state, the concept of rehabilitation and or retraining is no longer the highest priority. An optimally functioning nervous system allows the body to heal from acute or chronic illness and traumas at maximum efficiency and at the same time raises our vitality and improves longevity. This is what makes N.O.T. special within the healing arts community.”

– Dr. Mitchell Corwin

important influences


“I love the Infinity path. What I love is how it has created pathways for healers to know where to focus – physical, mental, spiritual, etc., combined with body systems like immune, nervous, primal brain, etc., combined with major body organs like heart, liver, etc., combined with what healing to offer, like activations, acupressure points, etc. It’s mesmerizing how a trained infinity healer can tune in their knowing and tell you a specific issue and a specific healing which works miraculously well to heal your body, mind and soul. The combinations of all of these issues and healings are like 5 x 4 x 7 x 5 x 3 x 6….or literally tens of thousands. But a trained Infinity Practitioner is able to know where to focus and what to heal. It’s a path that will grow all over Earth! So blessed to know Gabrielli and many Infinity healers.”
- Ananda Karunesh (Sanjay)

“The combo of our conversations, what emerged during them, and beginning to listen to your teleclass has prompted what feels like a major internal shifting for me. I’m feeling a greater sense of the power and beauty and possibility that exists in my knowing and being. It feels like the biggest comfort, the one I need more than anything else. Thank you for your wisdom, questions and insight– i am grateful beyond words!”
- Anonymous