Our bodies are a complex and beautiful system, networking and communicating to and with us all of the time. Empathic abilities are natural to humans. We begin perceiving, receiving, interpreting, and connecting to the world around us as soon as we are conceived. It shouldn’t then surprise us that we are constantly influenced by the world around us. Yet, we are often not educated about how to live as an energy body. Instead, we filter and experience other people’s feelings, thoughts, emotions, illnesses, and pain unconsciously. We experience the pains and stories of illnesses and toxins on and in the planet and in the buildings and structures around us, and take them all on as our own. Thankfully, many of us seek nature and study practices such as yoga and meditation to surround ourselves in energy that brings us closer to states of ease, joy, or bliss. Few are able to maintain these states of being for very long.

Empathic living is an amazing gift when brought into the light of consciousness. As an unconscious habit this same gift can be very debilitating and confusing. Having said that, many brilliant, wise, educated, and heartfelt human beings are suffering intensely with their gift. They experience un-diagnosable pains, illnesses, and emotions that seem out of their reach to heal. Some people even begin to isolate themselves for fear of feeling too much or getting overwhelmed. Others know that they are being empathic but have no idea how to change their experiences, and come to conclusions about themselves such as “something is wrong with me” and then harbor feelings of frustration towards themselves for not being able to be around others without being a human sponge for intensity. The behaviors that then follow can make one’s life very uncomfortable.

Even though you can feel things for other people, it is never guaranteed – and often not possible – to heal anyone else’s pain or suffering through your body. Simultaneously, it is very likely that you can be hindering someone else from healing by holding onto his or her energy. The trickiest energy to release is that which we are attached to that has been with us for so long, but never belonged to us. Our own wounds, pain, or healing needs can cause vulnerability and a predisposition for taking on other people’s energies. What belongs to us is the purpose for attaching to such energy – usually there is some insight and awareness as to what we thought we were doing or serving when we took on the energy.

As a healer, and with permission, we can guide and facilitate others into healing using the awareness and insights our body can bring. Energy moves quickly. We can change the energy around something in a second. Our bodies have the capacity to shift things in other people’s universe. Changing the energy can facilitate healing rapidly.

When we have or facilitate a session where we clear energy we bring in new light, energy, and healing to different parts of the body. When we do this it exposes what the body is holding that it no longer needs. As a natural side effect, the body will dispel or get rid of the toxins in some way. It can be emotional, mental, spiritual, and/or physical. Some people will have physical symptoms as a way of processing (detoxing/releasing) what’s been stored in the body. It doesn’t necessarily happen every time, and can be unpredictable based on what your body needs. The good news is that your body won’t keep those toxins stored anymore; it is naturally looking for the pathway out. Healing is natural.