Welcome to
the Infinity Healing

We recognize that justice and equity for all human beings of all racial groups, ethnicities, genders, sexual identities, and socio-economic classes is required for the healing of Earth and humanity.

WHAT IS Infinity Healing Practice?

Created by Gabrielli LaChiara, the Infinity Healing Practice is a modality that aims to ignite the natural ability to heal and harnesses inner wisdom through utilizing a collection of transformational practices, teachings, and tools that bring more awareness, perspective, and possibilities to one’s life. The Infinity Healing Practice uses methods that calm and re-pattern the survival brain, re-establish healthy nervous system functioning, engage inner knowing, and help to clarify, refine, and discern the use of empathic abilities.

The Infinity Healing Practice can be used on its own as a private practice, for personal use, or in combination with various other modalities such as physical therapy, psychotherapy, bodywork, massage, reiki, craniosacral work, acupuncture, teaching, etc. Our training programs are an experiential learning lab where students develop skills to release trauma patterns, move energy, cultivate perception and awareness, map and discern the energetic patterns of thoughts, feelings, emotions, pain, and body sensations, and cultivate the art of presencing. Certified practitioners offer private sessions that engage the body and mind in a mystical yet practical journey of healing and awakening.

The Infinity Healing Practice is not only a modality that one can use to help others heal, but it’s a toolbox that anyone can use for living a more conscious life.

Who We Are

The Infinity Healing Practice was created by Gabrielli LaChiara, who continues to be our driving force and inspiration. In 2008, Gabriell, in collaboration with her dear friend and colleague, Lori Friedman, founded the Infinity Healing Training Program that has grown over the years and is now comprised of a collective of facilitators, practitioners, community members, and trainees who have come together around a shared mission.

The Infinity Healing Practice is expansive, extensive, mystical, and practical. As such, Gabrielli and our collective, treat this practice as a living, breathing organism – continuously working to grow, evolve, and refine it. The continued refinement of this practice is built on relationships. As we support each other in our shared container in a loving, brave, and patient way, we all grow and evolve together, as does the Infinity Healing Practice.

Begin Your transformation

 We invite you to experience the Infinity Healing Practice through private sessions and/or trainings that engage the body and mind in a mystical yet practical journey of healing and awakening.


“Beginning with the Nurtured Heart Approach, then winding through private sessions, retreats, tele-classes and continuing with Infinity Practitioner training, my journey with Gabrielli has been nothing short of remarkable. It has been a passage out of the “ties that bind” and into the boundless realm of possibility offered by the present moment. I have become acquainted with my essence and have played with pure consciousness. It may sound complex, but simply stated, I am now free to access my Knowing and exercise my options with ease on a daily basis. What used to feel like an immovable clamoring of emotions is now a gateway to my own sovereignty, leading ultimately to the uncomplicated expression of who I am. I am grateful and look forward with joy to the opening of new avenues.”
- Christine Bulman

“In these times of feeling overloaded with information, Gabrielli is a breath of fresh air. Her last tele-class introduced me to foundational concepts which I had been longing to learn. The classes were amazing to listen to over and over again. Each time I would shift and hear something that I needed in that moment. It’s fun to learn these valuable tools as I step more fully into my life. Her tele-class allowed me to see how my convoluted adaptations and habits are revealing my gifts. My health issues have cleared up as I learn how to manage conflict and feel safe in my body. How can I be more deliberate with my own energy? I choose to be motivated by my own light and knowing while moving away from being motivated by illness and difficult things. I am looking forward to this next tele-class and open to receiving new awarenesses! “
- Suzan Steinberg

“The Breaking Free Retreat brought me closer to myself as a healer. It showed me what else is possible when people come together with the shared intention of holding space for one another’s growth and transformation. It opened my eyes to the beauty that exists in community and the reflection and possibility of this in our world. Gabrielli and Lori facilitated this process beautifully- weaving in support of us all, loving presence and a fierceness of clarity. Their willingness and ability to create the retreat based on what would be most generative for us all was inspiring and healing. Also, did I mention it was magical?”
- Personal Client and Retreat Participant